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Ellen Oskinen Creative Arts Teacher

Oskioian, Ellen

I have been working on writing a couple of books over the past few years (one of comedic short stories based on personal experience, and another an adaptation of a traditional Russian fairy tale). My goal is to actually finish them, as staying focused on such a task can take its toll. I am also in the process of breaking into the voiceover industry to work in book narration, which has been a dream of mine for a long time.

I have worked extremely hard to reach some of these goals, and they were met over time with much persistence. You never really know where God will take you, and sometimes it’s in a completely different direction than we may think! I know that my life’s journey is far from over, and I’m excited to see what is in store this coming year!

In addition to these hobbies, I have always loved the magic of movies and animation. Learning how cartoons have changed over the years, how the perfect character voice was found, the development of the art of scenery and casting, and everything in between has been a fascinating discovery for me over the decades. My history of art and study of film-making will finally pay off in my upcoming film study and art of animation courses – two new classes I am very excited to begin. There is always more to learn, so I’m excited to create these courses as I’ll undoubtedly discover even more fun facts to share.

Twenty years of experience working with infants to adolescents, along with my history of multifaceted creativity, have led me to the privileged position of a Homeschool Connections teacher, a role I am very blessed to fulfill. I have always loved kids and very much look forward to helping your children reach their full potential as creative individuals through crafting, designing, discovering, and writing. We will be learning and discovering together, and that is what I enjoy most about connecting with your kids. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.