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Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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Homeschool Connections is fully dedicated to supporting, educating, and encouraging not only those who take our classes but also students and families in our community. We offer so much more than classes for homeschoolers, including educational consulting and advising, transcript creation services, testing, and event speaking. We never require students to take classes with us to use our services or participate in our events, and unlike a co-op, we do not require parents to volunteer with our program. Whatever your needs, we work to fulfill them or connect you with the right resources to help you meet your goals.

Academic Advising and Educational Consulting

We are proud to offer educational consulting and advising, providing a personalized approach to meeting your family’s unique needs and goals. Whether your student is home educated or enrolled in a public or private school system, we offer consulting and advising for all grade levels:

Academic Advising

Our academic advising program is intended to help you plan for the next semester or school year. When you come to us for advising, we help you decide which classes your student should take next, how to credit activities towards various subjects in your home education program, and how to fit the necessary coursework in to ensure that your child progresses as expected and graduates on time.

Educational Consulting

Our educational consulting services are intended to help both homeschool and non-homeschool parents figure out how to motivate their children, get their students excited about learning, obtain helpful resources, and guide their children through high school to college. This level of consulting helps parents determine the root of educational problems, understand their options, and find and implement real solutions.


We are proud to offer high-quality classes that encourage a love of learning, help prepare students for college, and aid in qualifying for scholarships. We offer both academic and enrichment classes, stimulating your child’s thirst for knowledge and nurturing a wide range of interests.

Please click here for a list of our current classes at each location.

Transcript Services

We offer two levels of transcript creation services. For students who take classes through Homeschool Connections, we offer a basic transcript that lists each of the classes taken on any of our campuses.

For those who need a more comprehensive transcript, we offer a consultation service that includes a sit-down discussion of the classes, coursework, and activities your student has completed. Drawing on the details of this discussion, we create a custom transcript that includes classes your student has taken at home and classes completed outside the home, including at Homeschool Connections, via a community college or trade school, or through any homeschool co-ops. Depending on the student’s unique educational program, we also incorporate extracurricular activities, learning experiences with homeschool groups, and independent study.

Testing Services

Homeschool Connections is proud to offer testing services. We proctor the Iowa Test for children in the 3rd through 8th grades. The Iowa Test is a nationally recognized standardized test given annually for the purpose of assessing student progress and educational development. The test covers language arts, including reading, vocabulary, and spelling; math, including grade level appropriate concepts, computations, and problem solving; social studies; science; and study skills. While the state of Michigan does not require standardized testing as part of a home education program, many parents choose to test as an additional way to gauge learning, retention, and development. Homeschool Connections makes the testing process easy and stress-free for both students and parents.

In addition to annual standardized testing services, we offer SAT and ACT classes for students preparing for college. We are also happy to provide recommendations for specialized testing resources for students of all ages and stages of development.

Speaking Engagements

Tarla Gernert, the founder of Homeschool Connections, has been enthusiastically involved in education for decades. Besides homeschooling her children, who are now grown, Gernert has helped educate children via public and private schools, homeschool organizations, and places of worship. Her winning combination of passion for education and teaching, consulting expertise and advising experience makes her a natural at speaking engagements. Contact Tarla Gernert at Tarla@MiHomeschoolConnections.com to discuss booking her as a speaker for your next event.

Tutoring Services

If you’d like more information about our tutoring services, please fill out this form.

Contact Us

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