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Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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How to Use Orbund

First, Your Enrollment Agreement Form

This is required for each family, even returning families!

Using your parent login, this form is found in Orbund. Then under “Reference” (on the left side), then “Forms” (on the left side). Then choose (on the right side) “New Enrollment Agreement”.

Your Student’s Behavior Agreement

This is required for each student, even returning students!

Using your student login, this form is found in Orbund. Then under “Reference” (on the left side), then “Forms” (on the left side). Then choose (on the right side) “New Behavior-Agreement”.

Your Student’s Profile

There are many important fields, such as emails, that need filled in. A critical field in the profile is the funding type. Selecting the funding type determines whether your information will be shared with SOARCE. If you are self pay, this will keep your information from going to SOARCE. If you are SOARCE funded, then this will ensure that your information will be shared.
Using your student login, this form is found in Orbund. On the Start Page, you will see “Account & Profile” listed on the righthand side of the site. Click “Account & Profile”. Fill in all of the information fields, continuing through each tab across the top.
Fast five feed back image

The Fast Five Feedback

What is the Fast Five Feedback?

  • This is Homeschool Connections’ new, online, weekly component that will be implemented in every class as a type of “homework.”
  • It will be 5 questions that teachers have created based on the weekly lesson. The questions/answers are to be related specifically to that particular week’s topic/lesson. It can be thought of as a review-at-home exercise for the students.
  • Questions will be in the format of (a) Yes/No, (b) True/False, (c) Multiple Choice, and (d) Short Answer. This assignment should take a maximum of 5 minutes for students.

Purpose of the Fast Five Feedback

We are incorporating this measurable instrument as part of our routine for students and teachers because of its many benefits:

  • Weaving together different parts of the course and approaching content with varied tools helps students integrate what they learn and develop a deeper understanding of the material.
  • FAST FIVE helps students establish learning points.
  • In a classroom, students are sometimes swamped by the details of the immediate experience, and need help to extract general principles from a concrete experience. Doing FAST FIVE at home during the week will help them “unpack” their classroom experience in a more concrete way.
  • Teachers will be able to use the information gathered from students to affirm that what they are teaching is reaching your students’ minds. It will also reveal any students who are struggling and perhaps need a little more differentiation in the classroom.
  • “Bridging” and “Reviewing” are powerful teaching strategies and FAST FIVE helps develop specific skills being taught in the classroom.
  • This is a self-assessment for students to discover if they are actually “plugged in” to the class lesson.
  • When parents are with students when doing FAST FIVE, you will see more exactly what your child is learning in their classes and then perhaps reiterate those lessons in creative ways at home.
  • This is an objective piece of courses that will be entered into the gradebook.
  • Most school programs, public and private, have online components in their routine. Technology is a “first language” for today’s students. We must keep our students tech-relevant, and we can do this by providing them meaningful questions to review and recall their previous week’s lessons. Practice makes perfect in memory recall.
  • For SOARCE funded students, this online component will satisfy SOARCE’s Count Day and will replace Study Island and other question/answer dialog between students and SOARCE in years past. Your payment method is private information that is not shared with our teachers.

How to Find Your Student’s Weekly Fast Five:


1. Log into the student’s Orbund account.

2. Take note of the Student’s Start Page.

Fast five feed back image

3. The window below shows that on the left side, click on Classes (circled in Red). You will see a list of ALL classes, including Fall and Winter. Be sure to look for the “Fall 2018” in bold (circled in Blue) and select a class below that.

Fast five feed back image

4. Click on the desired class and this window will appear, or something like it with YOUR student’s class information.

Fast five feed back image

5. Click on Fall Week 01 (or the appropriate folder used to differentiate Week 1) and the information for that week will drop down.

Fast five feed back image

6. Your student’s may look a little different, but you will see “Assessments” (in pink) and you will want to click on Fast Five Feedback (red arrow) which will change to a link when you hover over it.

Fast five feed back image

7. You will then See the following window where the student is given the information about the Fast Five Feedback. The Student clicks on “Start Exam” (circled in red).

8. This screen will appear. Click “Yes” (in red) if you are ready to proceed and “Cancel” (blue) if you are not.

9. After your last question, click Save (red) then Finish (blue).

10. After clicking Submit, you will be directed to a window that shows how many attempts you have left.

You can try again or be done.

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