Science Fair, Student Showcase, & Meet the Teacher
Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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Homeschool Science Fair, Student Showcase, and Meet the Teacher Night

April 9th, 6:30 pm

Hosted at our Shelby Campus

Shepherd’s Gate Church
12400 23 Mile Rd.
Shelby Twp., MI 48315

Science Fair

We are very excited to bring you the fourth ever, Homeschool Connections Science Fair.  This contest is open to all students.  If you have an interest in Science, or anything relating to Scientific Principles, you are encouraged to attend.

We want it to be a great time with lots of fabulous science projects, but for that to happen we need people to participate. You will find the signup form here: SIGN UP NOW! There is still enough time to put together a winning science project.

There are a few guidelines everyone needs to follow. Guidelines:

Your project…

  • Must be school appropriate
  • Must be an experiment you performed, or topic you have extensively researched
  • Must have a display (tri-fold preferred)
  • Must be related, in some way, to science
  • Must be explained, by you, to a group of parents and judges (~1 – 3 min)
  • Should be something you are interested in, or passionate about
  • Should reflect your current scientific education
  • Should include a model or other physical display object
  • May be either solo or in a group
  • Group projects need to be more encompassing than solo projects
  • Work in a group project needs to be evenly divided between members

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Clay at: Hope to see you at the Fair!

***Please note that science fair entry is only open to current Homeschool Connections Families***

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Student Showcase

We will award prizes to 3 age groups of students for the winning projects. Students must be present to win and submit your project by 6:30 pm. Any student may submit up to 3 projects which may include any fine arts projects, drawings, paintings, pottery, sewing, wood shop or project from a class.

Please keep all projects and displays to Homeschool Connections class projects only, please. We want to support you in all you do in and out of Homeschool Connections classes but we simply do not have the capacity to allow outside projects at this event.


Meet the Teacher Night

Come and meet our fabulous teachers! This year’s teachers will be at this event to show off Winter 2019 classes! Come and see your students’ teachers! They may even have students’ work samples, current curriculum, and class manipulates used during class.

RSVP is not required but encouraged! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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