Homeschool Connections Info Meeting | Homeschool Connections
During these get-togethers, we talk about how Homeschool Connections got started from Tarla, our Founder & CEO, and assist in your homeschooling needs.
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Info Meetings and Parent Orientations

Homeschool Connections Info Meetings

Want to know more about Homeschool Connections? Come and meet us!

Are you in need of encouragement and support in your homeschooling journey?
Do you want to find unique classes to get kids to love learning?

Homeschooling is a big decision and can be a challenging task at times, but can also be very rewarding!

During these get-togethers, we will talk about how Homeschool Connections got started from Tarla, our Founder & CEO. If you’ve looked into our classes but aren’t sure about if we’re a good fit for you – this is a great time to get your questions answered!

Pre-registration is not required but encouraged; come as you are!

Joining the Homeschool Connections family? We’re so excited to have you!

The next step in our enrollment is to attend a New Parent Orientation! You’ll learn about how our classes are run, what’s expected from parents and students, and get an introduction to our online academic portal Orbund.

New Parent Orientations are scheduled after each of the following Homeschool Connections Info Meetings. Sign up through a link below & we’ll meet you in person very soon!

Upcoming Info Meetings:

Homeschool Connections Picnic

May 21

Homeschool Connections Info Meeting and New Parent Orientation will also happen at our picnic!

The Used Book Sale begins at 10 am.

Info Meeting begins at 11 am.

New Parent Orientation begins at 11:30 am.

Bring a lunch and join our homeschoolers picnic!