Our Fabulous Faculty | Homeschool Connections of Michigan
Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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Our Fabulous Faculty

We work hard to feed the mind and the spirit via classes that reflect the interests of students, with an all-inclusive atmosphere that encourages the development of lasting connections, and through the support we offer our students and their families.

Avalos, Carlos

Began with Homeschool Connections in 2016. Enjoys the energy the kids bring to the classroom. Born and raised in Torreon, Mexico. Obtained his Electronics Engineering degree from Instituto Tecnologico de la Laguna University. Moved to Michigan with his wife and son in 2011. Loves playing soccer, riding bikes with his son, and puzzles. Teaches Spanish for elementary through high school.

Bickford, Kristin

Teaches science and STEM classes. Loves spending the day with children. Graduated from Baker College. Has taught for 10 years, grades Pre-K through 5. Married her husband in 2005 & has 2 children. Loves her dog, Milo. Prefers to vacation in Cape Cod.

Branton, Katlin

Clay, Diana

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2015. Enjoys teaching "fun stuff" and life skills. Teaches life skills like basketry, woodworking, and sewing, and more. Married for over 30 years to Ray W Clay III. Has one son, Ray Clay IV, who also teaches at Homeschool Connections. Lived in Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, and now in Michigan for over 10 years.

Clay, Ray

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2016. Teaches math, science, and history classes for middle and high schoolers. Loves the “ah-ha!” moments in his students. Attended Oakland & Eastern Michigan universities. Studied electrical engineering.

Dushaj, Luke

Was homeschooled part of his education. Attended Oakland University. Graduated with a Bachelor's in history with a focus in medieval studies. Played football in high school and college. Has 11 siblings.

Ekstrom, Heather

Began teaching in 2014. Loves her students. Attended Wayne State University and studied Secondary Education focusing in Math. Homeschools her 4 boys.

Feeney, Angela

Loves students! Wanted to be a teacher since the 3rd grade. Certified elementary & middle school teacher. Taught elementary school for 7 years. Lives in the country with her husband and 12 year old daughter. Enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, reading, drawing, going for walks and home decorating.

Foster, Cathy

Houck, Lisa

Homeschooled her children for over 20 years. Loves seeing children learn and grow. Married for over 30 years with 3 daughters ages 27, 22, and 14.

Jubelt, Amanda

Teaches Chinese, language arts, history, and math classes. Loves instilling an excitement for learning into children. Experienced in Chinese language & cross-cultural learning as an American teacher living in China for 10 years.

Kapusta, Wendy

Has been a teacher for over 25 years. Taught in the public schools. Has homeschooled her kids. Teaches at both at Homeschool Connections and HighPoint Hybrid Academy. Offers tutoring. Has wanted to be a teacher since she was 5 years old. Has 4 wonderful children who are in various stages of high school and college. Shares their home with a guinea pig named Miss Sprinkles and their dog named Sniper.

Lane, Virginia

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2007. Has taught a variety of subjects. Loves seeing the joy of learning in children in the moment. Has a professional dancing background.

Maurer, Melissa

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2019. Has been a part of Homeschool Connections since 2009. Has been a homeschooling parent for 19 years. Graduated three of her children and currently still schooling the youngest two. Obtained a Finance/Accounting degree from University of Michigan. Loves numbers! Homeschools to be able to know each child with all their own uniqueness and their own specific learning styles.

Moon, Rod

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2009. Teaches history & more. Loves watching students grow and change. Homeschooled 6 of his 8 kids. Attended Syracuse University. Was a military aviator & flight instructor. Has 30 years experience in automotive industry sales. Authored 14 books.

Murrish, Laura

Osis, Sue

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2007. Specializes in computer technology, robotics, lego engineering, and graphic classes. Has experience as an occupational therapist with special needs students. Married for 40 years before the passing of her husband. Loves her 2 adult daughters. Enjoys the priceless reward of teaching.

Pate, Michelle

Has dreamt of teaching since she was a small child. Married to Craig Pate and has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Has been homeschooling since 1998. Came on board with Homeschool Connections in 2016. Graduated from Impact Bible Institute in 2013. Enjoys working with middle school/high school-aged people. Encourages students to be engaged and participate. Loves working with art and literature and has been specializing in history.

Schonfeld, Leslie

Began teaching with Homeschool Connections in 2008. Loves forming relationships with her students. Attend Michigan State University for her Bachelor’s Degree. Graduated with her Master’s from Eastern Michigan University. 30+ years of teaching experience. Married to Dave for 30 years. Has 3 kids ages 20 and up. Is also a speaker and author.

Seamon, Cathie Jo

Joined Homeschool Connections in 2015. Teaches the sciences including biology & chemistry. Loves being with the kids & sharing science with them. Studied Civil & Environmental Engineering for her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Michigan. Earned her Master’s Degree in Hazardous Waste Management at Wayne State University.

Smith, Janice

Began teaching with Homeschool Connections in 2019. Loves teaching because she gets to spend time with young people - the people of our future. Has taught at HighPoint Hybrid Academy. Attended Wayne State Univesity and Michigan State. Taught Spanish for many years. Wants to pass on her love of language with her students. Enjoys walking and reading good books. Married with 3 grown daughters.

Thelen, Wauketa

Is a child of God, wife, homeschool mom of two, pet parent and an avid cook. Worked at a credit union which taught her the importance of money management. Owned a vending company for about 7-years, which showed her the importance of response time and listening to customers’ needs. Held a position in the General Education Department at Baker College where she learned how to teach and how to assist the adult learner with math anxiety. Was awarded Adjunct of the Quarter, because the entire class nominated her. Joined the Homeschool Connections family in 2016. Has a Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies from Wayne State University and a Master’s of Science from Central Michigan University.

Thimann, Andrea

Married to Charlie Thimann and mother to Rebecca, Samuel, and Emma. Homeschools her children. Has coached volleyball for homeschoolers, private schools and club volleyball teams since 2004. Earned her B.S. Degree in aviation business administration from ERAU University. Obtained her U.S Volleyball coaching certificate at the Olympic training center. Coached Freshmen, JV, Varsity and also ages 14-17 at Next Generation Volleyball Club. Joined Homeschool Connections in 2019. Teaches introduction to sports and P.E. classes. Loves to teach and make a positive impact on the kids’ lives.

van-der-Harst, Madison