Distance Learning for Current Homeschool Connection Families
Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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Current Families

During the stay-at-home order in Michigan, Homeschool Connections classes will continue but in a distance-learning format with our same great teachers!

We will post all of our latest updates here in order to make this transition as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

…after 3-31-2020’s update.

Question: My child is scheduled to attend more than one live class session at a time. What do we do?

We understand this will be the case for some families. Please choose one to attend each time slot each week (you could alternate weeks if you’d like). Every live meeting will be recorded, so you can watch the others afterwards. Teachers are still available by message in Orbund if you have any questions.

These live sessions are only a part of the whole. There will be a pre-recorded lesson released every Monday for every class (plus their Fast Five Feedbacks and homework if they have homework). The live sessions are a follow-up to help stay connected. They are not required and your children’s grades will not be affected if they can’t make the live sessions in real time.

3.31.2020 Update

Dear Homeschool Connections Families,

When we return to learning on April 6, we will be transitioning to distance-learning classes. What this means is that every class will be hosted online through Orbund assignments, recorded instruction and live sessions via Google Hangouts Meet.

We have put together very detailed instructions to help you adjust to this change of pace (see below). Your teachers have been working very hard to update their class lessons to be recorded and doable at home. We are so appreciative of their dedication and loving care.

Each class will have instruction and assignments loaded on Monday each week.

Every class will be starting with Session 9 on Monday, April 6th (regardless of where your class was before, your homework and videos will be in the following sessions on the following dates).

There will be a video to watch and a Google Meet to attend each week:

  • Teachers will post a pre-recorded lecture, project directions, or assignment instructions beginning April 6th in Session 9 of Orbund for all classes at all campuses.
  • Teachers will host and record a live Google meeting with students each week. See the schedule here. These will be a show & tell format for younger students, and a discussion-based format for older students expanding on that Session’s lesson found in Orbund. These meetings will be recorded and posted in Orbund for students who cannot attend in real time.
  • Fast Five Feedback assessments are still to be completed each week.

Click here for the detailed instructions on how to use Google Hangouts Meet and what the overall process will look like.

Click here for the Google Hangouts Meet Class Schedule.

You can also find these links on the Start Page in Orbund.

If you need assistance, please contact our Help Line at 248-710-0360 ext. 2006 or help@MiHomeschoolConnections.com.

Update: 3.23.2020

Homeschool Connections Families,

We sincerely hope you are all safe and healthy. With life as we know it being totally disrupted, these are challenging days. As such, the leadership team at Homeschool Connections is working hard to adapt and navigate these times, as well as provide support and encouragement to all of our families. Our administration team and teachers are all here to help you and we want to do whatever we can to make this season run as smoothly as possible. Even though you are home, you are not alone. You have a whole team of people who are here to help and support you. If you or your child are having difficulty with an assignment, please reach out to the teachers, campus supervisors, or your administration team. We are here for you!

We are still on what has become Homeschool Connections’ official spring break (March 16th – April 5th), so the teachers will not post assignments and will not require any work to be done during this time. This is a great time to “catch-up” if your child has any missing assignments or incomplete Fast Fives.

For the week of April 6th, we had hoped to return to our regular on-campus schedule, however, it was announced today that an at-home order is in place until April 13th. Our current plan is to carry on with this school year and complete the year toward the end of May, as laid out in the schedule sent to you on March 13th. We are working toward beginning “distance learning” classes on April 6th. This may look different for each type of class and grade-group. Classes may include at-home assignments with materials that are common household items, pre-recorded video lessons and opportunities to join live video chats along with continuing weekly Fast Fives. At this point, we are assuming that there is a real possibility that school is finished meeting in-person for the rest of this school year, and we are working on plans to this end. We are hoping for the best, but are preparing for this possibility. More details will be sent in future emails. Please don’t worry, we will make sure everyone is informed in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience as we plan and take time to provide the best classes we can for you during this unusual time.

You may have heard that the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) made a statement that the work completed online or at home by traditional students will not be counted. This does not apply to our program as Homeschool Connections students are not classified as traditional students. If you receive funding from CCS for your HC classes, you are classified as a virtual student and therefore your virtual work will count for credit, not time on campus and in class. If you are self pay, then as homeschoolers, you decide what to count and what you teach

We feel this is an appropriate message to share in closing:

“In the midst of all the uncertainty in the world right now, what we do know is that we will all be spending more time at home, together as a family. Amidst the hardship, we see an opportunity in this. As our schedules open up in different ways (intended or not) many of us will have more time with our spouse and children. Let’s intentionally cultivate an atmosphere of peace and rest in our homes. Let’s spend time talking to and connecting with each member of our family. Let’s view this time at home as a chance to deepen our relationships. Let’s eat meals together and sit down and read a book as a family. Each minute of our lives is a gift. As a gift, let’s make the most of it by being present with our family, even in this crisis.”

-Josh Berg, CEO, Beautiful Feet Books

In your service,

Your Homeschool Connections Leadership Team

Update: 3.18.2020

Dear Homeschool Connections families,

We hope you are all safe and healthy and are finding ways to enjoy your family during these uncertain times. We, at Homeschool Connections, are working hard to develop plans to provide high-quality classes for the rest of this semester should we not be able to return to campus(es) on April 6th. We are exploring many options and are discussing the best ways to deliver the quality education that you have come to expect. We also want to let you know that we are staying informed on the situation and will keep you updated weekly, or more often if anything changes.

As homeschooling families, this gives us time to not only continue in our regular education but to explore our curiosities, passions, and let our creativity thrive. It also gives us the opportunity to help those who aren’t homeschoolers with ideas and support while they navigate having their children home. We look forward to hearing all of the interesting ways that you are spending your time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

In Service,

Your Homeschool Connections Team

Questions? Who to contact:

  • If you are running late to campus
    • Campus Supervisor (contact info is in each weekly newsletter)
  • If your child will be absent
    • If last minute, contact the campus supervisor and email your teachers.
    • If pre-planned, email your teachers.
  • Trouble paying your bill or questions about your invoice
    • Pam Koskinen at accounting@mihomeschoolconnections.com
  • Need help knowing what classes to choose or more information about our program
    • Shelly McMahon at info@mihomeschoolconnections.com
  • Need your Orbund password to be resent to you
    • Help@mihomeschoolconnections.com
  • Help using Orbund