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Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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Distance Learning Classes

View our Fabulous Classes Below

Our distance learning classes are taught by our fabulous teachers in a way that is effective and engaging. With this great at-home option, your child will get complete instruction without sitting at the computer all day!

Initial, weekly instruction is done through a video. Then classmates and teachers connect through a live, virtual session. Homework is relevant to each week’s lesson & hands-on!

Each Week: Pre-recorded lessons are available in Orbund

Wednesdays/Thursdays: Live class sessions with teachers through Google Meet

Homeschool Connections Phone: 248-710-0360 ext. 2006 (Help Line)

Homeschool Connections Email:

2020 Fall Sessions:

Session 1: September 14-18
Session 2: September 21-25
Session 3: September 28-October 2
Session 4: October 5-9
Session 5: October 12-16
Session 6: October 19-23
Session 7: October 26-30
Session 8: November 2-6
Session 9: November 9-13
Session 10: November 16-20
Session 11: November 30-December 4
Session 12: December 7-11
Session 13: December 14-18

Thanksgiving Break is November 23-27

Phone: 248-710-0360

How Distance Learning Works:

  • New pre-recorded lessons are available each week. These recordings must be watched before the Google Meet with the teacher each week.
  • All homework will be posted in our student information system, Orbund, on Monday.
    • Homework is hands-on, relevant and engaging to help your child or teen understand the concepts being taught. The homework will not be “busy work”. (For example, science classes will include experiments.)
    • A weekly online 5-question assignment will be required for every class (referred to as Fast Five Feedbacks).
  • Each class will have a mid-week live class session through Google Meet on either Wednesday or Thursday. During the live class session teachers will be able to dive into a deeper discussion of the concepts covered that week, answer students questions, give students an opportunity to share what they’ve learned, and allow the students time to connect with other students in an online group situation. These will also be recorded and posted in Orbund.

Is Funding Available?

If you live in Oakland County, Michigan or any contiguous county, you may apply for Clarkston Community School’s Online-Blended Learning funding. Visit their website and apply here. Read through our frequently asked funding questions here.

Schedule Key

Class Title

We have fun classes and fun class names to match!

Please be sure to read the class descriptions thoroughly for more information that will help you determine which classes will meet your student’s academic needs.

Level: Grade Levels

LE – Lower Elementary (1-3)
UE – Upper Elementary (3-5)
MS – Middle School (6-8)
HS – High School (8-12)


Knowing the department of your child’s classes will help you find them within Orbund registration.

Orbund Class Name

This is the code we will use in our software. When talking with an advisor or staff member about your schedules, it is important to include this code.

Distance Learning Fall 2020 Homeschool Classes

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