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The Time Machine

Teleophone Booth

The Time Machine

By Hannah

It was 1919 when Mr. Robert, Mrs. Hellen, and their 2 children, William and Nancy, were on their way to the general merchandise store. There was not a single thing in sight, well, except an old phone booth. Robert went in and there he found a piece of paper with a number on it. Robert and William were very curious so they walked into the phone booth the strangest thing happened… they both disappeared!!! Hellen and Nancy thought it was a joke. Hellen and Nancy searched high and low, but they were nowhere in sight. They both broke down and cried!
“What are we going to do?” Nancy asked
“Um, I am not sure.” her mother said with a frown.
Nancy perked up, “I know! We could call the number on that paper father had.”
“Oh, you’re right!” Hellen said with a huge smile
They both rushed over, but the paper was gone. They decided to call the police, but before they could finish dialing the number, they disappeared!!!!
Hellen and Nancy saw so many blurs rushing by until they ended up in a hallway. It was very silent there except for voices coming from rooms near them. To Hellen’s surprise, they were not alone, Robert and William were standing right there!
William and Robert had found three ladies sitting at a desk “What can I do for you?’’, the lady sitting in the middle asked. “Um, where are we?” Robert asked.
“Oh, this is called Homeschool Connections.”
“Oh,” Robert said with a surprise.
“And who are you?”
“I am Robert and this is my son William.”
“Um, I don’t mean to sound rude, but that’s a very interesting old-fashioned outfit you have on.”
“Oh, yes, of course, it is an old fashion outfit, what year is it?” He said with a rather forced laugh.
“Oh really!!! Well, thank you!”
“You’re welcome!”
Soon Robert found Hellen. “Hellen, you won’t believe it, we just found out we are in 2019!”
“What!!!!” said Hellen.
“Yes, it is true!” said Robert.
“Well, at least we know what happened in that phone booth.” said William, “Don’t you see it was a time machine!!”
“What are you serious!!!”
“Well clearly that is what happened,” said William.
“What are we going to do?” Nancy asked.
“I know” said William “We can just start a new life here. We all don’t like how anything happens back at home anyway.”
“William is right,” Nancy said Robert and Hellen agreed because what else could they have done. William and Nancy were right.

One-year later, “Now go down this hall then take a right.” Hellen instructed a little first-grade boy.
It had been one year since the time machine had happened. Hellen and Robert had got a job at Homeschool Connections. William was now 12 and Nancy was 7. They were all very happy about their decision to stay where they were. But sometimes they would talk about that time machine that took them 100 years to the future because they wondered “Is it still there and has it taken anybody else to the future?”