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Homeschool Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight: Ellen Oskoian, Creative Arts Teacher

This article was written by our student blogger, Monique!

The teacher of this week, Ms. Ellen Oskoian, teaches creative arts. She began her teaching by giving piano lessons and has been for the past 9 years. This is her second year teaching at Homeschool Connections. She is fascinated by what she teaches and is a very enthusiastic teacher. She had a large smile during our interview and spoke with such excitement and passion. This year you can find her at the Eastside, Romeo and Shelby campuses.

Ms. Ellen strives for her classes to be fun and exciting, yet still educational. When asked what age group she enjoyed teaching the most, she responded with, “I love them all.” She enjoys the younger children as they are fun, creative and “so cute”. She also enjoys teaching the older children, saying that they were “relatable”. She loves to spend time getting to know each child individually. She encourages creativity in her classes and wants the children to be just as fascinated as she is about what she’s teaching.

Ellen Oskinen Creative Arts Teacher
Master Monster Makers Creative Art Class

The classes Ms. Ellen is teaching this year are music, animation, movie making, arctic adventure, 3D crafts, homemade toys, and story crafts. She is also heading this year’s yearbook, which she is thrilled to be leading. This is her first year teaching animation and movie making, and she is already loving it. In her animation class, she wants to teach both hand drawn animation and modern animation as well as the difference between the two. She focuses a lot on Disney, as it is the leader in animation. The students participate in question and answer sessions in class, and she also teaches them about some stop motion as well.

Master Monster Makers Creative Art Class

In her movie making class, she focuses on the aspects that go into creating a live action movie, as well as the behind the scenes work that is involved. She is also including the history of film and offers a variety of movies to watch. The kids have already watched “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” and “Groundhog Day”. Ms. Ellen allows the kids to watch the movie, pausing it to discuss certain aspects, and the kids are given projects afterwards.

Master Monster Makers Creative Art Class

Ms. Ellen hopes that the children can get a lot out of her classes, but mostly she hopes they learn to be interactive with each other, independent, valued, creative, and have fun.

Master Monster Makers Creative Art Class
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