Ralphie's Storytime: Signing In and Out at Homeschool Connections
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Ralphie's Safety Story: Signing Out

Ralphie’s Storytime: Signing In and Out at Homeschool Connections

The Ralphie Stories are being created by Brooke to make sure everyone can follow the rules and stay safe at Homeschool Connections.

Each story will bring up an issue with safety and make sure to address the issue so that we can keep everyone safe. She will try to create a new story about Ralphie and safety issues that may occur on our campuses on a regular basis.

The campus was quiet. It was the last class of the day. In about one-minute children would be rushing out of their classrooms to go home. The clock struck 3:30 and out came the children! Hannah and Ralphie came out of their last class. Ralphie was so excited to get home that he almost forgot to sign out!

“Ralphie!” said Hannah, “You need to sign out you scoundrel, or else the supervisors won’t know if you left or not!”.

“Oh, you’re right, Hannah. Thanks for reminding me!” said Ralphie. Then Ralphie rushed back and signed out so he could go home.

Always remember to sign out before you leave the campus to go home! Don’t be like Ralphie!