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“The Mouse Makes a New Friend” – Another chapter of Mouse in Homeschool Connections

The Mouse in Homeschool Connections Part 5

“The Mouse Makes a New Friend” – Another chapter of Mouse in Homeschool Connections

This story was written by our student blogger, Eva! Read more about Eva here.

Today Mouse was in Lego Engineering. Mouse loves building and decided that he should try that class out. As the mouse went into the classroom, another mouse came up to him.

“Excuse me,” the other mouse said, “I think I’m lost.”

Mouse was so confused, there had never seen another mouse in his home before. “Where do you need to be?” asked Mouse.

“I need to be in Lego Engineering,” said the other mouse.

“Oh,” Mouse thought, “this mouse is in my class today. I will be a good friend and show her around.” And so Mouse took the other mouse into the class with him and showed her around. “… and this is where the kids make all of the cool cars and stuff. It is a really fun class to watch!”

As Mouse was showing the other mouse around, the other mouse stopped short, looked around, and gasped. “This place is so cool and the kids are so talented! I can’t imagine ever building something that good!”

Then Mouse realized he hadn’t asked his new friend her name, so he said, “I am sorry that I didn’t ask this before, but what is your name?”

The other mouse just smiled and said, “My name is Mousealina, but I go by Lina.”

Then Mouse said, “My name is Mouse.” When the class ended, Mouse went to his room as Mousealina went to her house in the restaurant across the street. “Today was fun,” Mouse said, “I’m sure glad I made a new friend.”