Mosaic Mouse Story by Student Author Eva | Homeschool Connections
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Mosaic Mouse in Homeschool Connections

“The Mosaic Mouse in Homeschool Connections” – A Story by Eva

The mouse was in Mosaics Class, and he was so excited! He was making a flower pot, at least that is what the kids were making. He was making a decorative table for his house. He was gluing small blue pieces of tile to the flower pot. Of course, the Mouse wasn’t on the counter, in front of everybody to see him, he was under the counter, using the glue that dropped on the floor to stick his tiles to the pot. As soon as the glue was dry, the kids and the Mouse would put a sandy/slime substance to fill the holes in-between the tiles. As soon as the kids were gone and the teacher was done packing up and had left, the Mouse rolled his flower pot around the counter and set it up to be a table. “Wow,” the Mouse said, “this really works as a table! I can’t wait to get into my house!”

So the Mouse rolled his table down the hallway and into his house. As he set up the table, the mouse thought that something was missing, “I know what it is!” the Mouse said. He went to the counter and picked up a little flower that he saw earlier and ran back to his house.  “There,” he said, “that’s better.”

And so, the Mouse went to sleep with dreams of the kids working on their pretty flower pots.

This story was written by our student blogger, Eva! Read more about Eva here.