Baking Mouse Story by Student Author Eva | Homeschool Connections
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The Mouse in Homeschool Connections Part 3

“The Baking Mouse in Homeschool Connections” – A Story by Eva

The mouse was watching the Baking Class. He was so excited! He smelled sausage and cheese and then saw crescent rolls. “Wow, this dinner is going to be so good!” the mouse thought. “I can’t wait to try it!”

Then all of the ingredients went into a big pan and the students put the pan in the fridge. The mouse saw some of the students drop some of the cheese on the floor. “I will clean that up for you,” the mouse thought. “I am very helpful.”

Then the teacher saw a large (to the mouse) piece of sausage on the counter and went to wipe it up. “Oh no!” the mouse thought, “don’t clean that up! Oh well, I guess there is enough food under the counter for me to eat.” The students put all of the dishes in the sink, then washed and dried them for the students to take home.

When all of the students were gone, along with the teacher, the mouse went to the counter, climbed up, and found the tiniest bits of food to eat. “These kids are the best cooks in the world,” the mouse thought. “Their parents will be proud.”

This story was written by our student blogger, Eva! Read more about Eva here.