Karate Mouse Story by Student Author Eva | Homeschool Connections
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“The Karate Mouse in Homeschool Connections” – A Story by Eva

One day, when the Mouse woke up, it was time for Karate class. “The kids in Karate are so cool,” the Mouse thought, “I think I will join them today.”

The mouse went to Karate and followed along with Sensei. Mouse learned many things in Karate. He learned how to do push-ups and sit-ups and how to defend himself against bad-guys. But when they got to sit-ups, all of the kids had partners. The Mouse ended up doing the sit-ups on his own, but it was very hard with no one holding his feet to keep him from falling.

Then they did jumping jacks! In his squeaky mouse voice, he counted to ten, “Ichi! Ni! San! Shi! Go! Roku! Shichi! Hatchi! Kyuu! Juu!” he yelled, but the Mouse got very tired by the fifteenth one. “I hope that we never do jumping jacks again,” Mouse said, “I can never do more than fifteen.”

When Karate class ended, the mouse went to the three people and said, “I love Karate, you should always have a class like that! Sensei is the best teacher ever!”

This story was written by our student blogger, Eva! Read more about Eva here.