Mouse Story by Student Author Eva | Homeschool Connections
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The Mouse in Homeschool Connections Part 1

“The Mouse in Homeschool Connections” – A Story by Eva

The Mouse in Homeschool Connections was still asleep. The three people had not seen him all morning. They were getting a little worried. Who would watch the kids go to class? Who would make sure that his home was kept the way he likes it? The three people decided to wake him up. The problem was they did not know where his room was, so the three people went on an adventure. They split up and went to find the mouse in Homeschool Connections.

Soon Mouse woke up after he saw the light spilling in his window. “That’s weird.” Mouse thought. “It’s not usually this bright when I wake up.” Then he heard the three people calling him. “Oh no! I overslept! I have to get the kids to class!” he said.

He scurried out of bed, out the door,and straight to the front table. “Whew,” he sighed, “I am glad the three people woke me up. That could have been a disaster.” The mouse was able to walk with the kids to their classes, and make sure that his house was kept clean. The end of the day soon came and the mouse walked with the kids to the door as they would leave, so they were safe. The mouse had another wonderful day at Homeschool Connections.

Come back for part 2 next week!

This story was written by our student blogger, Eva! Read more about Eva here.