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Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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homeschool student newspaper

Homeschool Connections Newspaper Vol 5

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Written By: Matthew Hernandez

Adidas has just released some new shoes for the “human race” collection by Pharrell Williams. These exclusive shoes that only come in one color sold within three hours of the online stores opening. The white color is named triple white.


Lunch Time at Homeschool Connections

Written By: Kristopher

Homeschool Connections at lunch time is the best time of the day. We all gather to talk about everyone’s week and sometimes we can get assistance with homework. For some, it is the only fun part about coming to Homeschool Connections.

3 Ways to Watch TV in 2018

Written By: Matthew Sheffield

1. Amazon Prime: For 10.99 a month, Amazon Prime lets you watch just about any TV show or movie without cable. With Prime, you are also able to get free two day shipping and listen to a variety of music. Personally, I think Amazon Prime is the best value and that’s why it’s number one on my list.
2. Netflix: Netflix is more for people who want to watch a lot of movies. With Netflix, you pay anywhere from $7.99-13.99 a month, depending on what plan you choose. Netflix really doesn’t have a lot of TV shows, mostly movies. Netflix can be watched on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
3. Sling TV: Sling Television is growing in popularity. All you need is a WiFi connection and you can watch live TV cheaper than most cable companies. You have the option to choose between the blue package, orange package, or a combination of the two. Sling Orange is $20 a month, which is their basic service. Sling Blue is $25 a month and includes more Sport and Movie channels. You are able to watch Sling through Apple TV, a smart phone, computer, Roku, and Fire TV.

Movie Review: Black Panther

Written By: Brandon Janicki

Marvel’s latest edition to their ever-growing super hero franchise is the Black Panther. We’ve already seen Black Panther in Captain America:Civil War, but this was his first, and most likely only, stand-alone movie. The movie begins almost immediately after Civil War ended, when Black Panther returns back to his home country of Wakanda. After the sad death of his father, Black Panther is now crowned king over Wakanda, as no one else related to him is still alive. Then one day, Black Panther’s cousin, finds his way back to Wakanda. He was abandoned in America when he was a boy. Black Panther must now fight him to determine who is the rightful king over Wakanda. Find out who wins by watching Black Panther in theaters right now


Siri Q&A

Brandon Janicki

 All my classes at Homeschool Connections are going well, but I’m having trouble with a teacher. She is a good teacher in general, but is kind of strict on her rules. Like one time I needed to borrow a pencil, so I asked my friend for one, and she yelled at me for talking in class! Even worse, I had a funeral to go to one day and couldn’t get my homework done in time, but she still marked me down. What should I do?Sincerely,
Angry Man 2.0.

Dear Angry Man 2.0,

That sounds very frustrating, I hope you don’t fail the class because of her. There are a couple options you can do. Being your homeschooled, whatever class you’re taking you can probably take at home. Or you could still take it at Connections but find a different teacher. The last resort would be just to deal with her for the rest of the year. If she is really affecting you, I would recommend dropping out and taking it at home.

Lasting Effects of Concussions

Written By: Andrea Ren

Have you ever gotten a concussion? Statistics show that 1 in every 20 teens have been conncussed two or more times. Even though the symptoms might heal, they affect your brain for years after. Found on the website,, psychologists Caitlin Hudac, Dennis Molfese and Cathryn Cortesa did a study on how concussions affect your brain years later. The researchers worked  with 36 college football players, 17 being diagnosed with at least one concussion three years ago and 19 never being cunncussed. All 36 players completed a test of their brain’s working memory.     The researchers found no difference between the two groups in terms of how fast or accurately they could answer the test questions. But they did find differences in how the players’ brains had responded. Scans that mapped their brains’ electrical activity showed that concussed players had to work harder to solve the tasks. This study shows that even if your concussion symptoms disappear, they might still be affecting your brain years later.

Nerf Wars

Written By: Pedro Dixon and Jansen Stahl

Have you ever found yourself looking for something to do? If you have, you should stop. There is a solution . NERF. Have you ever played nerf? If you haven’t, you should look into it. It is very fun and it takes a lot of skills. If you want to start playing, pick up a Nerf gun at almost any supermarket. The first gun that you should get is a nice cheap one. If you enjoy  playing with that, then you can later get a bigger and better gun.            Once you are more familiar with Nerf guns you can then get involved in a Nerf war. There are not a lot of public Nerf wars so you can just play with your friends and families. They are really fun and you will want to play it for a really long time.
After you have your first Nerf war and you have a good gun, it is time to get into modifying. When you modify, you make your gun cooler and or more powerful. When you want to modify your gun by using parts such as barrels and scopes and stocks, then you will have to go to the store to get them. You can also get them custom made on the internet at Nerf. once you find things there or in the store, you can then be the top player on the battlefield. With your gun you can now be the dominant player on the battlefield.

That’s Nerf for you! So go to the closest store near you or Amazon or ebay and go get your Nerf gun today.

Newspaper Staff

Wendy Kapusta: Editor In Chief

Matthew Sheffield: Design Manager/Writer


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