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Hockey is back!!!!!

Hockey is back!!!!!

By E. J.

Some people like the month of October because of all the candy or dressing up for Halloween. But I like October for a different reason. I love October because of Hockey Season. I LOVE Hockey.

Like most people who live in Detroit, I have my home team and my OTHER team. My home team is The Detroit Red Wings. My other team is The Chicago Blackhawks. I know, I know. I like a Chicago sports team. Please don’t judge.

I love Hockey because it is the best sport ever! I do like baseball, soccer and basketball, too. But I just LOVE Hockey. If you are unfamiliar with the sport, I will explain it for y’all. The goal of the game is to win. And you win by hitting the hockey puck into the net. There are two nets on opposite sides of the ice rink. The people who defend the nets are called goalies. The people who defend the goalies are called defenders. Then you have the right wing, left wing, and center. These three people are in charge of scoring goals on the other team. Whoever has the most points by the end of the time limit wins.

I hope you understand the game of hockey a little more now, and you will learn to love it just as much as I do.