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HC Online Newspaper Vol 7

US News with Matthew Hernandez

Swedish dj  Avicci was found dead in a hotel in comon muscat, there are no current detail’s as to how he died but his family and friends say he had many medical problems that were disclosed to everyone. His number 1 hit song was “Wake me up”. That song was the number one  most listened to song in the world for a certain time.

Fire Dept History

Written By: Kristopher Lockard

Fire Department history begins in the early 1600s in the American colonies. The first fire company was started in 1678. They were called the Surveyors of Buildings and they would patrol the streets at night to make sure there was no fire. They were always ready to sound the alarm and use the leather buckets, hooks, and small leaders. Everything starts somewhere. However, I would not want this old-fashioned department because we have gotten much better since then. We have much better equipment these days.

Marvel Movies: The Right Way

Written: Brandon Janicki

With the release of, in my opinion, the most anticipated Marvel movie of all time coming within one week, most people, such as yours truly who have not seen all the Marvel movies, are trying to watch them all before they go see Infinity war. That is of course a most do if you want to have any clue of what is going on in Infinity war. The only problem is there are so many Marvel movies its hard to tell which one to watch when. Luckily I can help you with that. Here’s the complete chronollogicall list of all the Marvel movies, and what order you should watch them. #1 is the first movie to watch and #18 is the last.
#1 Captain America: The First avenger
#2 Iron Man
#3 Iron Man 2
#4 Incredible Hulk
#5 Thor
#6 Avengers
#7 Iron Man 3
#8 Thor: Dark World
#9 Captain America: Winter Soldier
#10 Gaurdians of the Galaxy
#11 Avengers: Age of Ultron
#12 Ant man
#13 Captain America: Civil War
#14 Doctor Strange
#15 Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
#16 Spiderman: Homecoming
#17 Thor: Ragnarok
#18 Black Panther
And there You have it. That is the complete list of how to watch all Marvel movies. By the end of 2018 there will be 20 Marvel movies in all. And thats not including X-men! This is also Marvel’s tenth year making Avenger related movies as well. Happy Birthday Marvel! I hope you all enjoy watching Infinity War, I know I will.

Sleep Away Your Wounds

Written By: Andrea Ren

A good night’s sleep will help you stay alert, boost your memory, and improve your mood. Getting a good night’s sleep will also help your body’s wounds heal faster. Sleep is more important than good nutrition in speeding wound healing. Scientists had hoped to show that giving people a nutritional boost would make their skin’s wounds heal faster (even in people who were sleep-deprived). They thought it would work because good nutrition keeps the body’s immune system strong.The immune system helps repair injuries and guards against infections.     Tracy Smith and her team studied three groups of healthy people who came to their laboratory to take part in the tests. They gave each recruit small skin wounds. Applying gentle suctions on their forearms, they created blisters. Then they removed the tops of these blisters (The procedure does not hurt, although it can be itchy, Smith says).

One group of 16 volunteers got a normal amount of sleep (seven to nine hours a night). The other two groups of 20 people each were kept sleep deprived. They got only two hours of sleep a night, for three nights in a row. To stay awake, the volunteers were asked to do things such as walk, play video games, watch TV, sit on an excise ball or play ping-pong. Throughout the experiment, one of the sleep-deprived groups got a nutritional drink with extra protein and vitamins. The other group got a placebo drink that looked and tasted the same, but had no extra nutrition. People who slept normally healed in about 4.2 days. The sleep-deprived volunteers took about 5 days to heal.

Scientists sampled fluid from the wounds, and the group that drank the nutritional supplement did show a stronger immune response at the wound. But that did not speed up the healing.

Nitro Type

Written By: Pedro Dixon

When you are sitting at home and not doing anything, you usually want to go and play a game, right? Well if you are looking for a game to play, you should try Nitro Type. Nitro Type is a online typing game  where you race against other people by typing. There are five people on a server at once. You all have one paragraph to type, and the first one to finish the paragraph will win the race.

When you play the game, you create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you get to keep it forever. This is a really fun game to play if you are not the greatest at typing. Even if you are good at typing, you can still play it to have a lot of fun. When you finish a game, you will get money and XP. When you get XP,  it helps you level up faster and when you level up, you can unlock cars to buy.
This game is very fun and is a great game to play between classes or even if you have free time at home. It is fun to play and you learn something from it. This game is free and you do not have to give it access to your email or any personal contacts. This game is also rated E for everyone.

RC Brands

Written By: Jansen Stahl

There are many RC brands, but how do you know which to buy? Traxxas is known as the fastest RC brand. They have boats,trucks,drones and cars. Another good RC brand is Axil. They make rock crawlers and dune trucks. If you have never driven an RC car or truck, Nikko is a good brand for you, especially if you like boats. Traxxas and Nikko are good boat brands. If you like trucks then Traxxas, Nikko and Axial are good RC truck brands.

All RC vehicles can be modified. If you want to put in a brushless motor, it will make your truck run smoother and faster. RC boats will sometimes have thin plastic hulls and if the motor gets hot, it will melt the hull and sink it. You will want to put on a smaller motor so it does not get hot. That is a short paragraph on RC brands!