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“The Famous Leonardo Mouse Vinci” – A Story by Eva

Drawing Class Mouse

“The Famous Leonardo Mouse Vinci” – A Story by Eva

This article is written by our homeschool author Eva.

Today the Mouse at Homeschool Connections was in the drawing class. They were drawing flowers. The Mouse’s flower was blue, green and yellow, to match his house. Of course, the Mouse wasn’t sitting at the table with the kids. He was in the cupboard, but the cupboard door was cracked open so the Mouse could see.

Soon the drawing class was over and the kids’ work was left on the table for them to take home on the last day of class. The Mouse went on to the table and looked at the kids working. “Wow!” he said. “These are so colorful. I can’t wait to see them when they are finished!”

When the Mouse was finished with his picture, he held it up in the light and sighed. “I wish I could draw like those kids,” he said. “I bet at least one of them will grow up to be a famous artist! And then I will be famous because I knew they had potential.”

And then the Mouse went to sleep dreaming he was a famous artist.

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