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A Broken Christmas

A Broken Christmas

By Josh

The sun crept up from the horizon, the rooster was crowing, and the grandfather clock chimed for what felt like five minutes. “Rise and shine,” Ashley’s dad said. He turned on the light and waited, but five year old Ashley was refusing to get up. All she could think about was last summer when she fell out of a tree. She could still remember how the cast felt on her arm. The door flung open and her parents walked in. “We’re leaving in five minutes,” they said. All she wanted to do was stay inside where she was safe.

Soon she fell into a deep sleep and started to dream about falling off a huge tree. She got closer and closer to the ground. Suddenly she woke up in her car. Ashley realized she was at the tree farm. She saw her mom through the car window. Her mom saw her waking up. Ashley jumped to lock the door just a second late, her mom was already at the door. Ashley screamed and whined. “It’ll only take five minutes!”

Her mom yanked her out of the car. She kicked and screamed to pull away from her mom. When
her mom had started to slow down, Ashley turned to her mom and saw tears in her eyes. “Why are you crying?” Ashley asked her mom, but she didn’t answer.

“Ashley, do like this one?” All of a sudden Ashley saw a runaway hat in the tree. She turned and saw a little boy reaching for it. She slowly gave the hat back to the little boy. Her jaw dropped as she saw the boy was in a wheelchair!

“What do you say, Jimmy?” his mother said.

Ashley was very quiet on the way home. Her Mother said, “Ashley, what’s wrong?”

Ashley said, “I feel horrible! That little Jimmy was so happy and he couldn’t even walk!” Ashley was confused why her mom had a small smile on her face.

“Ashley, can you get the door?” said her mother. Ashley had never been allowed to open the door. She grabbed the handle and slowly opened the door only wide enough to see the little boy she saw earlier. Her mom came behind her and greeted Jimmy and his mother. Little Jimmy was as surprised as Ashley. Ashley asked Jimmy if he wanted to play. His mother yelled after them, “Only five minutes!”

Little Jimmy was rolling so fast he drifted to the left and the right, then boom!! He road right into the wall. He screamed “OUCH” He fell on his one leg,

Ashley turned back at him and said, “Are you okay?”

Jimmy screamed, “NO, I AM NOT!”

Ashley felt mad that Jimmy yelled at her, but she remembered that Jimmy only had one leg so she picked up Jimmy and carried him to his mother. Little Jimmy’s mom said, “I think I need to take him to the doctor.”

Ashley asked if she could go with them, Jimmy’s mom said, “ It’s up to your mom.”

Ashley looked at her mom and said, “Please?”

Ashley’s mom said, “Just don’t get in the way.

“I won’t!” Ashley jumped into Jimmy’s car and buckled in and said, “Are you okay, Jimmy?” Jimmy said, “Yes, and sorry for yelling at you.”

Ashley said, “That’s fine,” and gave a big hug.

Soon they were at the Hospital. Ashley had to stay in the lobby and wait. Ashley was scared, but soon she saw a little girl and she looked scared, so Ashley walked over to the little girl and asked her, “Are you scared?” The little girl motioned with her hands. Ashley did not know if the girl was trying to play or if she was saying something. The little girl’s mom said, “She can not hear you. She is deaf.”

Ashley didn’t know what deaf was, but she felt a little tear in her eyes. Little Jimmy and his mom came out. Ashley ran over to Jimmy and gave him a hug and said, “Are you okay?”

Jimmy said ”Yes! I got you a lollipop.”

Ashley was so relieved that she didn’t even grab her lollipop!

Soon Ashley and Jimmy were home, so they slowly rolled and walked to Ashley’s room and started to play. It was getting dark out and Jimmy’s mom said, “It’s time to go. Santa will not come if we’re not home.” He quickly rolled away while saying goodbye.

A little while after Jimmy left, Ashley got her pajamas on and quickly went to bed. She woke up bright and early. She jumped out of bed and ran to her parent’s room and woke them up in five minutes. She quickly ran into the living room and saw so many presents! Out came her parents. Ashley opened all of her presents in five minutes!