Mission and Values - Homeschool Connections
Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.
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Mission Statement

Our mission at Homeschool Connections is to support, encourage and advise parents as they educate their children; to provide a variety of innovative and quality educational opportunities; to help prepare students for their future; and to have a profound impact on the educational society.

Core Values

Connecting and Belonging

“Connections” is what we are all about–connecting families with educational opportunities (classes, etc.), connecting parents with other parents, children with children, teachers with students, people with resources, and all with opportunities to learn and grow. Encouraging friendships, learning, personal growth, development, and mentoring are all part of having a place to belong. It is also important that our faculty and staff feel connected and have a sense of belonging within our organization. Connecting people and helping them feel like they belong with us is vital.

Quality of Products and Services

Homeschool Connections has high-quality classes that meet or exceed parents’ expectations. We hire teachers who are highly qualified to teach what they teach, are experts in their field and are very good teachers. Our facilities are comfortable and clean and are suitable for our program. Our staff consists of sharp, competent people who are friendly, helpful, professional, service-minded, and nice. Any curriculum used is of high quality and specifically chosen for quality of content.

Innovation & Creativity

We keep our class offerings fresh and relevant. We look for new topics, ideas, projects, and teachers who will bring in fresh ideas. Our class offerings are not the same each year. We create curriculum for new topics. Our technology classes always present and use up-to-date technology that is relevant to our children. We want to offer classes that people don’t see offered in other groups. We discover new ways of learning and delivering education. We think beyond the present horizon of education.

Customer Delight

Customer delight is the positive emotional response and joy that the people feel from interaction with our people and our products and services. We delight our families with new and exciting classes, offering many classes for them to enjoy, being responsive to families’ educational needs, developing campuses convenient to them, offering additional resources that meet needs Homeschool Connections classes cannot, and being proactive in resolving issues.

Valuing our Employees and Partners

Our teachers, staff and partners are the heart of our program. They are the people and organizations by which Homeschool Connections’ values and purpose are shared to the families who come to our program. Teachers, campus supervisors, staff, partner organizations, and churches all play a vital role in our program and are highly respected and valued.


Resourcefulness is the ability to deal resourcefully (creatively, imaginatively, and self-reliably) with unusual problems, difficult situations, or unanticipated opportunities. We use our resources wisely. We use our facilities to their fullest capacity. We have the teachers teach to their strengths, repeating their classes for various grade levels to minimize their prep time.

Impact on Society

We are impacting the educational society as a whole by making alternative methods of educating children, including homeschooling, a viable, practical option. We are adaptable and responsive to the needs that we see now and in the future and create programs to meet those needs in innovative ways. We help break the stereotypes that surround homeschoolers. Our classes prepare students well for college and help students get into college.

Consistency and Stabilization

Our systems, policies and procedures are consistent with our values and across our company. While we remain adaptable and responsive to our families, we create systems and procedures so everyone will know what is expected and how to do what is needed.

Considerate, Christian Worldview

We feel a child’s religious education is the responsibility of the parent (and their chosen church). We are welcoming and respectful to all students and families regardless of their religious belief and personal worldview. Our classes are subject based, not religion-based. We want all families to feel comfortable learning with us. Because our classes focus on the content areas, they usually do not discuss religious topics. Unlike public schools, thoughtful, reasonable discussions about other worldviews will be accepted and respected.

When it is part of the class subject, the world view of the lessons will be from a conservative, Christian perspective. This allows the parent the opportunity to know what perspective a class is taught from and to have discussions with their children if they believe differently. Other viewpoints are welcome as part of a rational, thoughtful discussion.

We do not teach religion, but we do strive to show Christ’s love to all.