Homeschool Connections is proud to offer testing services. We proctor the Iowa Test for children in the 3rd through 8th grades. The Iowa Test is a nationally recognized standardized test given annually for the purpose of assessing student progress and educational development. The test covers language arts, including reading, vocabulary, and spelling; math, including grade level appropriate concepts, computations, and problem solving; social studies; science; and study skills. While the state of Michigan does not require standardized testing as part of a home education program, many parents choose to test as an additional way to gauge learning, retention, and development. Homeschool Connections makes the testing process easy and stress-free for both students and parents.

In addition to annual standardized testing services, we offer SAT and ACT classes for students preparing for college. We are also happy to provide recommendations for specialized testing resources for students of all ages and stages of development. For more information about testing or for recommendations for testing resources, please contact us at