Class cost = $175 + Supply Fees

$125 per class if paid in full by October 15, 2017

Lunch Fee = $15 (per semester)

Study Hall Fee = $65 (per semester)

Fall 2017 Registration Fee Schedule:

  • $50 per student, per semester, if registered by May 30, 2017 (save $10)
  • $90 per student, per year, if registered by May 30, 3017 (save $30!)
  • $60 per student, per semester, if registered after May 30, 2017


New this year! Full year schedules! 

We are pleased to present our entire schedule of homeschool classes for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Note that classes with “YL” indicates classes that will be year-long and will not be able to accept new students the second semester. Classes with “A/B” indicate that the class will be a continuing class and can accept both new and returning students in the second semester. The curriculum does not repeat in the second semester!

Rochester Hills Fall 2017 Homeschool Classes

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Or, download the PDF version of the schedule here.

Rochester Hills Winter 2018 Homeschool Classes

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