Homeschooling High School

Tips and advice for homeschooling teenagers


Sep 2017

Sign Up Now for the Michigan Homeschool Teen Dance Committee

Posted by admin

Calling all homeschool teens! Homeschool Connections will be hosting a dance in October and we want YOU to be a part of …


Aug 2016

Do Homeschoolers Get Scholarships?

Posted by Tarla Gernert

When it comes to scholarships, homeschooled students usually have the same opportunities as those who attend public or private schools. While some …


Jul 2016

What Do You Need In Order to Homeschool High School?

Posted by Tarla Gernert

This is a question that almost everyone askes, people who are exploring the idea of homeschooling to those who have been homeschooling …


Jul 2016

Besides College, What Are the Options?

Posted by Tarla Gernert

While many homeschoolers have the goal of college in mind, it is not the only option for the home-educated student. In fact, …


Jul 2016

GED Versus Diploma: Getting Into College?

Posted by Tarla Gernert

No parent approaches homeschooling a teen without at least a little bit of anxiety. After all, the preparation you give your adolescent …


Jun 2016

Don’t Let High School Transcript for Your Homeschooler Scare You!

Posted by Tarla Gernert

One of the most daunting parts of homeschooling a child through high school isn’t the teaching at all. It’s figuring out how …


Mar 2016

Do Homeschoolers Go to College?

Posted by Tarla Gernert

Whether you homeschool or not, every parent wants the best possible future for his or her child. For homeschool parents, though, the …

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