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How To Get Connected

We make it easy to stay connected with us at Homeschool Connections.  Here are some of the ways to stay in touch and in the loop:

Sign up for classes! This is the easiest way to stay in touch with our community. If your child is taking classes with us, be sure to stop in from time to time to say hello to our campus supervisors and interact with other parents.

Come to our events! Whether or not you register your child to take classes with us, we welcome you to events on our campuses. This can include everything from parent meetings and workshops to curriculum fairs and special ceremonies.

Follow us online! Social media is a powerful tool for staying up to date and in touch. Interact with us on Facebook.

Sign up! Sign up to receive notifications of events and important dates. We’ll deliver the latest news directly to your email inbox.

Contact us! We are here to help you, whether you want to share your concerns, have questions and want reliable answers, or need help finding a resource in your community.

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