Michelle Pate


Michelle dreamed of teaching since she was a small child. She is happily married to Craig Pate and they have 4 children (Vance 26, Mandy 21, Isabel 16 and Elijah 12). Michelle started homeschooling in 1998. For her, it is a calling. She has successfully graduated her oldest 2 children and they have gone on to be productive members in society, one of them being a diplomat! She is currently working on graduating her 3rd child this coming school year and has another 6 years to go with her youngest son.

Michelle has been teaching various classes for all grade levels at Enrich Christian Homeschool co-op since 1998. She came on board with Homeschool Connections in 2016. Her passion is family! She graduated from Impact Bible Institute in 2013 and has taught and led classes on marriage, parenting, and discipleship. Michelle is insistent that learning should be an enjoyable experience. Her out of the box style of teaching encourages students to be engaged and participate. She loves working with art and literature, including the Bible, and honing in writing skills. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and has run different businesses out of her home and with her family over the years. She is also good at working with and teaching basic finances. She is insistent that doodling is essential and ADHD stands for Attention Differences Having Delightfulness.

You will find her teaching various classes including Art, Literature, Geography and History, working with literature, encouraging students to be inquisitive and to do research with writing. She is excited to share her classes and to help others with their home school endeavor.