Lisa Houck


As a homeschool mom of 20 years, Lisa has been teaching grammar, writing, and history classes for many years and has a passion for seeing children well-educated and set-up to succeed. She strives to make her classes a positive and encouraging environment, and is happy to work with parents who have struggling or advanced learners and will make accommodations in classwork whenever possible. Lisa was in full-time ministry for 15 years and has taught children and adults for more than 30 years. She has also started homeschool co-ops and Bright Lights Discipleship groups at her church, in which she has taught different homeschool classes. Lisa has been married for over 32 years and has 3 daughters, 25, 20, and 12 and has been blessed to have homeschooled from the beginning. She assists her husband, Tom Houck, the author of Parenting for Purity and Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse, in ministry. Lisa welcomes any questions and can be contacted at

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