Judy Rector


A native Michigander, Judy grew up in Redford where she attended Thurston High School. After graduating, she attended the University of Michigan. Having had an inspiring experience there, Judy moved to Southern California to be with her family, where she transferred to San Diego State University. While at SDSU, Judy had the privilege to study abroad on scholarship at La Sorbonne (University of Paris). Ultimately, Judy was able to receive her B.A. degree at SDSU. For the past 26 years, she has gained a great deal of meaningful experience, with success teaching elementary bilingual, special education (involving I.E.P.’s), high school English and French as well as nearly every subject and grade as a substitute teacher. In addition to teaching in a public school environment, Judy has helped students raise their test scores through workshops for study skills and standardized test preparation, as well as ESL and different languages with the Berlitz Institute for adult immigrants.

Outside of her time in the classroom, Judy has enjoyed being a youth choir director, producing and directing holiday musicals, as well as teaching and coordinating vacation Bible school, for her church family. At the same time she was singing in the chancel choir, being an involved parent in both Brownies and Pioneer Girls along with organizing exchange programs with students from Japan.

Judy’s philosophy of teaching is a simple one: there is no reason why students cannot learn while having fun at the same time–in fact, they learn much better! It is important to know not just what causes a student to receive a low grade, but also to problem-solve with them, target the best way to avoid it in the future and then set realistic goals to attain the level of success desired. It takes a cooperative effort between teacher, student and parent in order to achieve the highest level. This requires keeping up on the latest research, methods and techniques for teaching and learning, with a critical eye when determining the most appropriate ones. She never takes a student’s situation at face value, but tries to find out what their life outside class is comprised of as well. Everyone treats each other with total respect as an example of the Golden Rule.

Judy is a former homeschool parent herself and knows first-hand the advantages of being in that environment as well as how vital structured programs are when delivering the specific curriculum. She looks forward to taking Homeschool Connections students to the success she has enjoyed experiencing first-hand, both as a parent and instructor. In her spare time, she enjoys hobbies such as piano, horseback riding, tennis, sailing, volleyball, cycling, swimming, reading, sewing, needlecraft and a variety of other “crafty” activities.