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There is a difference between a child who is smart or bright and one that is gifted. All gifted children can and are considered to be bright, but not all bright children can be considered gifted. The fact of the matter is there are many, many factors that come into play when defining the difference between these two children, but here’s a quick example of how fine the line between …

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In 2013, I attended a lecture given by Dr. Kathy Koch at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. I thought the information she shared was incredibly valuable and wanted to share it with you too. You might have noticed it already, but there’s a bit of genius in your child. In fact, just about every child has characteristics of genius that parents can nurture and encourage. 12 Genius-Like Characteristics to Encourage In …

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Though each gifted child is unique, the above learning characteristics are among those most commonly found in gifted children.

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