I have found Homeschool Connections a step above other homeschool groups I have attended. The wide variety of classes is beneficial. But even more outstanding is the personal help with questions and concerns. All of the people working through Homeschool Connections have always been extremely kind and helpful. I highly recommend Homeschool Connections.
– Diane W. (Homeschool Connections Parent)

We love Homeschool Connections! The classes are incredible– from core subjects to unique ones like scrapbooking, choir, and digital filmmaking. Plus, we’ve built this awesome connection with other families and staff at our campus. It’s not just classes, it’s community.
– Melinda B. (Homeschool Connections Parent)

We love Homeschool Connections! My favorite things about it would have to be the very kind and informative director and staff who are always eager to answer questions promptly, it’s very organized and well run, awesome class choices and nice teachers, financial help is available if needed, and there are many locations to choose from!
– Mary F. (Homeschool Connections Parent)

My children have attended homeschool connections for 9 years, and it has been a huge blessing to our family. The high school classes help them prepare for college, being in a classroom setting, working with another teacher, having tasks due on a certain schedule. Plus, for me, I enjoyed them doing all their science labs at homeschool!
– Lisa H. (Homeschool Connections Parent)

Homeschool Connections was a huge asset to my high school education. In addition to providing me with an outstanding background in the sciences, the structure of Homeschool Connections prepared me well for the structure of university classes, and my transition from high school to college was smoother than that of most of my peers who attended traditional public schools.
– Anastasia M. (Homeschool Connections Graduate)

From the first day I attended classes at Homeschool Connections, I knew it was a place for me. I immediately felt a sense of belonging – everyone was so friendly and welcoming. In fact, I’m still best friends with one of the other students I met my very first day!
– Kate S. (Homeschool Connections Graduate)