Student Conduct Expectations

We maintain the following basic rules for student conduct. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with them.


Any violations of our policies will be documented.

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully to all adults at all times.
  • Students are expected to keep their hands and feet to themselves, which means no hitting, wrestling, or otherwise unwanted physical contact.
  • Students are not permitted to keep a teacher from teaching or a student from learning.
  • Students must obtain their parents’ approval and inform teachers and campus supervisors before leaving campus.
  • Homeschool Connections will not tolerate teasing, bullying or threatening other students in any way. These behaviors are grounds for dismissal.
  • Disrespectful, disruptive or destructive behavior is grounds for dismissal.
  • Profanity, smoking, drugs, alcohol, firearms or possession of any illegal substance are grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.
  • Students are not permitted to use personal electronic equipment in the classroom.


  • First offense: We will talk to the student about the importance of proper behavior in class and notify parents.
  • Second offense: We will speak to the parent.
  • Chronic offense: The child is not allowed to return for the semester.


Student Electronic Use

Students are not permitted, at any time, to use cell phones or other personal electronics in a classroom. Cell phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices must be securely put away during classes.

Students are permitted to privately use personal electronics during study hall.  However, students must receive special permission from a campus supervisor to share their personal electronics and show other students what they are doing on them.


  • First offense: Student will be reminded of our rule and asked r to put the device away until the end of class.
  • Second offense: Device will be confiscated until the end of class.
  • Third offense: We will contact the parent for further disciplinary action.


Dress Code

We expect our students to dress modestly and appropriately.  The administration prohibits the wearing of the following on campus: tight or revealing clothing, short shorts, indecent clothing, low-cut tops, spaghetti-strap tops, belly shirts, vulgar or inappropriate sayings on clothing, excessively ripped or dirty clothing, and anything deemed inappropriate by the director. In the case of yoga pants or leggings, the student must wear a top that is, at minimum, a finger-tip length below the buttock and pelvic region.


  • First offense: We will attempt to find something appropriate for the student to wear (which may involve calling the parent) and give a warning.
  • Second offense: We will call a parent and have him or her bring something for the student to change into or take student home. Warn that next time the student will be expelled for the remainder of the semester.
  • Third offense: Student is expelled for the remainder of semester.


Bathroom Usage

We ask students to use the restroom between classes. We only allow students to leave class when doing so is absolutely necessary. Teachers have 55 minutes during which to teach their classes, and this policy helps reduce hallway activity during classes and minimize interruptions in learning.

Homeschool Connections does not tolerate eating in the bathroom or hanging out or hiding in the bathroom during lunch or any other activity.


  • First offense: We will remind the student that bathroom breaks need to happen before or after class in the future.
  • Second offense: We will talk with the student to see if there is a problem. If there is, we will notify the parent.
  • Third offense: The student and parent will meet with a campus supervisor and the teacher to resolve the issue.
  • Chronic problem: If it continues to be a problem, the student will not be allowed to stay in the class in question.

Registration, Schedule Changes, Financial Responsibility

Registration Fees

Registration fees are $60 per child, due each semester.  Families registering during the early registration process will receive a discount on these registration fees.  There is one registration fee per child, no matter how many classes he or she is taking or how many locations he or she will be attending.

The registration fees help offset the cost of using the building for classes & event, insurance, administration and other associated overhead.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

You can save money on registration fees by taking advantage of early registration discounts and by registering for a full year at one time. For the Fall 2017 semester, our registration fee schedule is:

  • $50 per child, per semester, if registered by May 30 (save $10!)
  • $90 per child, per year, if registered by May 30 (save $30!)
  • $60 per child, per semester after May 30


Every child on campus from 12:00 – 12:25 must enroll and pay for lunch, regardless of if a parent stays on campus or not.  The fee for lunch is $15.00 per student, per semester.

Study Hall

Any student on campus without a parent and not in a class, must be enrolled in study hall .  The study hall fee is $65 per hour, per semester.

Schedule Changes:

We want to ensure that all students are in the class that is the best fit for them. We help parents make the most informed decisions possible by providing detailed class descriptions and coordinating “Meet the Teacher” events, where parents can come and speak to the teachers to learn more about the curriculum, the teacher’s personality and such. We also provide one-on-one academic counseling and advising for families that need more assistance.

There are occasions that necessitate changing classes after the semester has started. Because of this, families may drop or transfer to a different  class during the first week of the semester without any penalties. Any transfer or drop requests must be submitted by 5pm on the Friday of the first week of the semester. Requests received after the deadline will incur additional fees as follows:

Week 1: No additional fees. Families are responsible for the difference in materials fee, if any.

Week 2: $25 processing fee for each request. Families will be responsible for the original materials fee, in full. Students transferring into a new class will be responsible for the full amount of the materials fee for the new class.

Week 3: $25 processing fee for each request. Families will be responsible for the original materials fee, in full and pro-rated class fees for the original class ($37.50). Students transferring into a new class will be responsible for the full amount of the class fee and the full amount of the materials fees.

Dropping or transferring classes is not permissible after the third week of the semester.

Subsidized Payments:

Families participating in outside programs subsidizing portions of their fees should note that the agreement and responsibility for eligibility requirements is wholly between you and the outside organization. Families utilizing these programs still remain financially responsible for any and Homeschool Connections fees not covered by subsidy programs, including costs beyond standard coverage, registration fees, study hall and lunch fees. Should the program reject your subsidy request due to non-fulfillment of program requirements, you will be responsible for your Homeschool Connections account balances, in full.


Academic Policies


Homeschool Connections offers classes that are both academic and enrichment.  Our classes are not intended to replace instruction from the parents or as a replacement for any type of traditional academic program, such as private or public school, virtual academies, etc. Our program is designed to assist and partner with parents in educating their children and to enrich your educational program, not take your place.


In general, you can expect the following homework requirements:

Lower Elementary: Minimal outside work, if any.

Upper Elementary: Occasional outside work.

Middle School: Regular outside work.

High School: Weekly homework assignment.

Homework requirements will vary according to subject and teacher. It is the parent’s responsibility to proactively ensure students are fulfilling the requirements for their classes.

For Middle and High School Students: Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student from class if he or she is missing two assignments or more.


Although students are taking classes with a teacher, the parents are the final teacher. Teachers will give you their evaluations of your student’s work, and a suggested grade. As the parent and final teacher, it is up to you to evaluate the instructor’s recommendation, incorporate any graded assignments completed outside of our program and assign the final grade to your student.

Grades and Subsidized Payments:  Some outside programs require grades to be submitted in order to complete the eligibility requirements. In this case, Homeschool Connections will submit the instructor’s recommended grade on your behalf.

Academic Records: The instructor’s recommended grades will remain part of the student’s Homeschool Connections academic record. Parents may request this record at anytime. There is no fee for obtaining a student’s Homeschool Connections academic record. Transcript services are available for an additional fee.

Grade Levels

Grade levels are our recommendations.  Parents know their children best and know at what level they work.  If a child wants to take a class that is outside the recommended grade levels, parents can discuss their child’s needs with the teacher of the class to see if the class would be appropriate for them.  These classes are designed to assist you in educating your child and are designed to enrich your educational program, not take your place.

Parents can get more information about the class at our “Meet the Teacher” event, so they can make the most informed decision about grade placement for each class. Comprehensive academic counseling and advising services are available for an additional fee.

Class Materials

Students should come prepare with basic school supplies such as writing paper, pens, pencils and folders.

Some classes will require materials to be provided by the parents. The materials list will be provided to you either in the class description or by the teacher on the first day of class. Unless it is stated otherwise, any books needed for the class will be purchased by the family. Students must bring any required texts with them on the first day of class. Please refer to the class description for any required texts.


Absences and Cancelled Classes


In the event that your child will not be in class, whether planned in advance or due to illness or family emergency, parents must notify the campus supervisor. The campus supervisor can be reached by calling 248-710-0360.

It is the parent and student’s responsibility to contact each teacher to obtain the missed lesson and homework. All lessons and homework should be completed upon return to class.

Students absent more than twice may be dismissed from class, at the instructor’s discretion.

Snow Days

Classes are canceled if the schools where the classes are held are canceled due to inclement weather. (For Example: If Rochester schools are canceled on the day when Rochester classes are held, then Rochester classes are canceled for the day.)  We will make every attempt to notify parents as soon as possible about snow days.  Parents will be notified via email. Please be sure to check your email prior to leaving the house.

Classes missed due to snow days may or may not be rescheduled for another date, depending on a variety of circumstances. The decision to reschedule classes will be made as soon as possible.



General Announcements

Our primary means of communication is via email. It is very important that you check your email regularly and to also check your junk/spam folder, in case message should accidentally end up there.

We distribute a weekly newsletter with information pertaining to important dates, current campus topics and much more. This is delivered via email, uploaded to the resources section of the parent portal and published on our website. It is important for parents and middle-and-high school students to read the newsletter every week.

Quick Response Messages

If there is a matter that requires your quick or immediate attention or one that is sensitive in nature, a staff member will call you directly. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of students to ensure that any and all contact information is correct and up-to-date.

Communicating with Instructors

It is the responsibility of the parents to proactively communicate with their child’s instructors. Your child’s assignments, grades and attendance can all be found in the parent portal. If you have questions about your child’s performance in class, you can email the instructor. Instructor emails can be found in the parent and student portals.

Homeschool Connections staff will not release an instructor’s private contact information including telephone number. Parents may request contact information directly from the instructor, either in person or via email. Any provision of contact information is solely at the discretion of the instructor.

Contacting Other Families

Homeschool Connections will not release contact information for any family or student under any circumstances. You can find the family directory in the parent portal. This contains the contact information of families that elected to be listed.

While there is no requirement for parents to participate or volunteer with the program, we do encourage parents to stay on campus to meet and connect with other homeschool families.