Student Conduct Expectations

We maintain the following basic rules for student conduct. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with them.

Any violations of conduct, dress code, electronic use or bathroom policies will be documented.

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully to all adults at all times.
  • Students are expected to keep their hands and feet to themselves, which means no hitting, wrestling, or otherwise unwanted physical contact.
  • Students are not permitted to keep a teacher from teaching or a student from learning.
  • Students must obtain their parents’ approval and inform teachers and campus supervisors before leaving campus.
  • Homeschool Connections will not tolerate teasing, bullying or threatening other students in any way. These behaviors are grounds for dismissal.
  • Disrespectful, disruptive or destructive behavior is grounds for dismissal.
  • Profanity, smoking, drugs, alcohol, firearms or possession of any illegal substance are grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.
  • Students are not permitted to use personal electronic equipment in the classroom.

Discipline Policy

  • First offense: We will talk to the student about the importance of proper behavior in class and notify parents.
  • Second offense: We will speak to the parent.
  • Chronic offense: The child is not allowed to return for the semester.


Student Electronic Use Policy

Students are not permitted, at any time, to use cell phones or other personal electronics in a classroom. Cell phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices must be securely put away during classes.

Students are permitted to privately use personal electronics during study hall.  However, students must receive special permission from a campus supervisor to share their personal electronics and show other students what they are doing on them.

Discipline Policy:

  • First offense: Student will be reminded of our rule and asked r to put the device away until the end of class.
  • Second offense: Device will be confiscated until the end of class.
  • Third offense: We will contact the parent for further disciplinary action.


Dress Code

We expect our students to dress modestly and appropriately.  The administration prohibits the wearing of the following on campus: tight or revealing clothing, short shorts, indecent clothing, low-cut tops, spaghetti-strap tops, belly shirts, vulgar or inappropriate sayings on clothing, excessively ripped or dirty clothing, and anything deemed inappropriate by the director. In the case of yoga pants or leggings, the student must wear a top that is, at minimum, a finger-tip length below the buttock and pelvic region.

Discipline Policy

  • First offense: We will attempt to find something appropriate for the student to wear (which may involve calling the parent) and give a warning.
  • Second offense: We will call a parent and have him or her bring something for the student to change into or take student home. Warn that next time the student will be expelled for the remainder of the semester.
  • Third offense: Student is expelled for the remainder of semester.


Bathroom Policy

We ask students to use the restroom between classes. We only allow students to leave class when doing so is absolutely necessary. Teachers have 55 minutes during which to teach their classes, and this policy helps reduce hallway activity during classes and minimize interruptions in learning.

Homeschool Connections does not tolerate eating in the bathroom or hanging out or hiding in the bathroom during lunch or any other activity.

Discipline Policy:

  • First offense: We will remind the student that bathroom breaks need to happen before or after class in the future.
  • Second offense: We will talk with the student to see if there is a problem. If there is, we will notify the parent.
  • Third offense: The student and parent will meet with a campus supervisor and the teacher to resolve the issue.
  • Chronic problem: If it continues to be a problem, the student will not be allowed to stay in the class in question.

Homeschool Connections Registration, Payment & Schedule Changes

Registration Fees

Registration fees are $60 per child, due each semester.  Families registering during the early registration process will receive a discount on these registration fees.  There is one registration fee per child, no matter how many classes he or she is taking or how many locations he or she will be attending.

The registration fees help offset the cost of using the building for classes & event, insurance, administration and other associated overhead.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

You can save money on registration fees by taking advantage of early registration discounts and by registering for a full year at one time. For the Fall 2017 semester, our registration fee schedule is:

  • $50 per child, per semester, if registered by May 30 (save $10!)
  • $90 per child, per year, if registered by May 30 (save $30!)
  • $60 per child, per semester after May 30


Every child on campus from 12:00 – 12:25 must enroll and pay for lunch, regardless of if a parent stays on campus or not.  The fee for lunch is $15.00 per student, per semester.

Study Hall

Any student on campus without a parent and not in a class, must be enrolled in study hall .  The study hall fee is $65 per hour, per semester.

Class Transfers

A class transfer is defined as moving from one class to another in the same hour.  There is a $25 fee to process a class transfer.

Adding Classes

Classes may be added to a student’s schedule if there are openings in the class until the first class period if there are openings.  After the first class period, the classes will be closed.

Dropping Classes

Dropping a class is defined as removing a class from your student’s schedule completely (vs. a Transfer, described above).  Families that drop classes up to and including the first week of the semester will be charged a $25 fee to process the change and will still be responsible for the materials fee for the dropped class.  Families that drop a class during the second & third week of the semester will be charged a $25 fee to process the fee, however, they will be responsible for the full amount of the class and materials fees. Families not returning to class after the third week of the semester will be responsible for the full amount of the class fee and materials fee.

Please refer to the enrollment agreement for more details.

Canceled Classes:

Classes that do not meet the minimum number of enrollments will be canceled.  Rearranging a student’s schedule including dropping and adding classes because of a canceled class will not be charged any additional fees.

Snow Day Policy

Classes are canceled if the schools where the classes are held are canceled due to inclement weather. (For Example: If Rochester schools are canceled on the day when Rochester classes are held, then Rochester classes are canceled for the day and will be made up on another day.)  We will make every attempt to notify parents as soon as possible about snow days.  Please be sure to check your email prior to leaving the house.

Academic Policy

Homeschool Connections offers classes that are both academic and enrichment.  Our classes are not intended to replace instruction from the parents, but to assist and partner with parents in educating their children and are designed to enrich your educational program, not take your place.  The classes for younger children will have minimal outside work and will not be issued grades.   Most high school level classes will have work assigned each week which is expected to be completed in a timely manner and grades recommendations will be issued upon request.   If a book is required for the class, please have it by the start of classes.

Although students are taking classes with a teacher, THE PARENTS ARE THE FINAL TEACHER.  This means that parents are to know what your child is studying are responsible to know what work they have or have not completed.  Communication with the Connections teacher is vital to a successful year.  Teachers will give you their evaluations of your student’s work, but this is a grade recommendation.  If all work is not completed, they will not be able to give any kind of a grade.  The high school level classes do require work to be done outside of the class.  Work or tests that are copied from a test answer book or another student will be considered cheating and will not be accepted in the teacher’s grade unless arrangements have been made with the teacher beforehand.

The high school classes that are year-long classes are indicated by (Part 1).  This indicates that to complete the class, you would need to take more than one session.  YOU WILL NEED TO RE-REGISTER AND PAY FOR EACH SESSION to complete the next part of the class.  To join a year-long midterm requires permission from the instructor.

We recognize the parents as the final authority in issuing the grades for their children and expect parents to stay informed and involved in their children’s learning.  Our classes are fee-based, not a co-op, and are an opportunity to have classes of high quality and interest for all ages together in one place at one time.  Modest dress, proper and respectful behavior, conduct and speech are expected at all times.  We reserve the right to accept or deny any student into any class or program at any time.

This is a drop-off program, not a co-op; parents are not required to stay on the premises but are welcome to.  Although accommodations for younger children not in the program are limited, parents are welcome and encouraged to visit with each other and to meet together for support and encouragement as space allows.

Students may take any number of classes they wish at one or any of the locations.  If a student has a gap in their schedule where they are not taking a class, they must sign up for study hall if they are going to remain on the premises. Students may not leave between classes unless accompanied by a parent.  Driving students may leave for lunch and schedule gaps but may not take other students with them without the permission of all parents.  We are not responsible for any student who leaves the premises for any reason.

Grade Levels

Grade levels are our recommendations.  Parents know their children best and know at what level they work.  If a child wants to take a class that is outside the recommended grade levels, parents can discuss their child’s needs with the teacher of the class to see if the class would be appropriate for them.  These classes are designed to assist you in educating your child and are designed to enrich your educational program, not take your place.